Envar Services has extensive experience in providing land development services to our clients. Our team of engineers, planners, architects and construction managers can provide the full services needed to plan, design and construct your development project. Some of our services include:

  • Site Location Assistance – Provide our clients with assistance in locating building sites. We will investigate, review and provide our clients with potential building sites to meet their proposed use. Potential sites will be reviewed for current land use zoning and conformance that meets our clients’ specific requirements
  • Pre-Purchase Property Reviews – Prior to purchasing a potential building site, our evaluation team will visit the property to review and report on the site development potential and conformance to our clients needs. Pre-purchase reviews can minimize costly unforeseen problems. On site borings and soil testing is also available.
  • Environmental Constraints Analysis – The property will be reviewed for regulated environmental constraints. Each site is reviewed for the existence of wetlands and other regulated environmental conditions that might restrict the development of a parcel of land.
  • Concept Planning – Our land planners will evaluate your land in conjunction with the local municipal land development ordinance and provide you with several development concept plans. Each concept plan will meet our clients development needs or recommend the highest and best use for the property.
  • Property Surveys – Boundary, topographic and construction layout surveys can be provided to assist our clients in purchasing and developing their properties. Boundary, topographic and location surveys are also available to supplement site evaluations and permit requirements.
  • Subdivision Plans – Preparation of property subdivision plans to create appropriately sized lots that meet our clients development needs. Design services include roadway layout, sewer and water supply, and stormwater management system designs and reports.
  • Site Plans – Our engineers and planners will assist our clients to develop a site plan that will meet the needs of the ultimate user. Our full service designs include all aspects of site development including parking layout, site traffic flow, sewer and water supply, and stormwater management systems.
  • Permit Preparation/Expediting – Project permitting can significantly impede the land development process. Our project team identifies the required project permits early in the design process and prepares the appropriate permits for submittal as soon as practical. We offer permit preparation and expediting services independent of our land development services.